Now I Want A Corona



Thanks Arianny Celeste.

There are genius moments in marketing and this is one of them. It’s finally getting REAL hot from Chicago to New York. It’s roasting here in Ohio. I see people on Facebook bitching about the heat in D.C. That’s some oppressive shit in D.C. That’s not even heat. It’s an oven. There’s no relief there in the summer.

One thing leads to another and Corona throws a 15 second Insty on Arianny’s account featuring a Corona blowing up on the ring girl. That’s genius advertising. Now I want to go out to the store, buy a 12-pack and like eight limes. I might end up shoving an entire lime into a bottle because I love limes and Corona so much.

I’m down if this is the future of Internet advertising. I’ll watch.

By the way, how big of a month has Arianny had? She goes nuts twerking in Hawaii during her 2015 calendar shoot & turns in at least 14-15 A+ Instys. Huge month.

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