I'm Going To See How Long I Can Watch Devin Brugman Swim In Bali

Someone took swimming lessons. That’s A+ form right there.
I’m sorry to report that Devin Brugman and Tash Oakley are about to end their insane Bali vacation. It’s been a helluva run. These two have been in Bali since May 24 and they haven’t been staying in hostels. I have no idea who is bankrolling the insane villas, but these girls do things the right way. Infinity pools. Private villas with exotic pools. Exotic pools with swim-up bars.
It almost feels like I went on vacation with these chicks. The beaches. The sun. The bronzer. The plants. The flowers. This right here is the future of travel on the Internet. You take two hot chicks like Oakley and Brugman, throw them into an exotic locale & they wear like 40-50 bikinis over 30 days. I was hooked from day one. The Balinese travel board should award these two with some sort of medal of honor.
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