The Best U.K. Rugby Brawl I’ve Seen All Week – Leigh vs. Halifax





I’m not going to pretend to know anything about rugby, but I know a headshot when I see one on a rugby field. That was a headshot during Wednesday’s Leigh vs. Halifax match. That was a really violent headshot. How bad was that headshot?

According to the Halifax Courier:

Earlier, both sides had been reduced to 12 men with Fax’s Dane Manning and Leigh’s Kurt Haggerty had been sent off after Manning flattened his former teammate Sam Barlow, who was taken to hospital after the game for further treatment.

That incident, which came with Leigh leading 20-12, sparked an all-in brawl which seemed to energise Leigh, who spent the next 10 minutes pounding Fax’s line.

If you’re keeping track at home, Leigh beat Halifax 26-24. Looks like it was a helluva match. Nice fight, boys.

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