Tim Duncan — An Anti-Fashion Icon



The differences between Miami and San Antonio are pretty obvious. One team has a guy who wears this denim and the other team has a guy who wears jorts. One team is led by a guy who has four NBA titles while the other team’s superstar has two NBA titles. One team plays in the fashion capital of the Caribbean. The other team plays in a city with three Gap stores.

LeBron wears clothes handpicked for him by stylists. Tim Duncan wears whatever he just washed the night before.

Complex once named Tim Duncan the 10th “Worst Dressed Athlete of All Time.”  Sports Illustrated has LeBron on its best dressed list. 

Wade once said:

“Tim Duncan doesn’t care,” Wade said. “He will wear a 7X shirt … (laughing) … he just doesn’t care. I have a teammate, James Jones, he doesn’t care either. He has one polo and one jacket for the year. It’s not the worst style. It’s just their style. (laughing). It’s not mine!”

How anti-fashion is Duncan? About as anti-fashion as you’ll ever find in the NBA. Way back in 2005, Tim was all fired up over news that the NBA was instituting fashion guidelines for guys sitting on the bench.

“I think it’s a load of crap. I understand what they’re trying to do with [forbidding] hats and ‘do rags and [retro] jerseys and stuff. That’s fine. But I don’t understand why they would take it to this level. I think it’s basically retarded.

“I don’t like the direction they’re going, but who am I?”

Tim Duncan, a fashion anti-icon, is just a guy in jorts trying to win his fifth title starting Thursday night at 9 EST on ABC. Nothing more, nothing less.