I Could Watch This Wiffleball Umpire Nut Shot At Least 80-100 Times




Welcome to the Potomac Wiffleball League where they take things so seriously that there are umpires on the field and cameras running to record league action. The league has a Twitter account (@potomacwiffle)¬†that has been keeping track of the media who’ve posted this video of an umpire getting drilled in the nuts.

One team is named the Bald Beavers. Another team is the Moose Knuckles. Another is the Dupont Circle Jerks. Another is the Master Batters.

The league went from obscurity to getting attention from¬†Espn, MLB, Bleacher Report, Yahoo, Olbermann and the rest of the Internet. Meanwhile, companies spend millions trying to figure out how to get attention on the Internet. Nut shots. That’s all you need. Get your company logo in the video, don’t get fancy, throw a football at some unsuspecting guy’s nuts and let the Internet do the rest.

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