Kate Upton Spotted Today With JV After NYC Rendezvous With Russian Meathead Ex

And here we go with the Kate Upton and Justin Verlander saga that is developing into a frenzied drama where Pageviews jets back to Michigan to be with Cy Young after a weekend of partying in New York City and running into her ex-Russian meatstick, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Yep, she was sitting on her ex-boyfriend’s lap with a smile on her face and Tuesday she’s eating lunch with the guy being paid by the Tigers to win a World Series.
This is obviously not what JV, Ausmus or the Tigers need in early June. Men with any sense know what that smile usually means.

As for today’s reunion between Pageviews and Cy, the two were spotted at suburban Detroit (Birmingham) hotspot Social. The place sure doesn’t look like Tao New York where Pageviews made herself comfortable in that Russian meatstick’s lap.
Maybe Upton is getting tired of hanging out in suburban Detroit where she doesn’t have a life outside of baseball. Maybe she’s looking for a little more excitement like a normal 21 year old who will turn 22 in a few days. Maybe Upton doesn’t care that Verlander is packing a Lambo in the garage. Maybe this relationship looks great on paper, but it just won’t work in real life like Bill Parcells coaching the Cowboys. These things happen.
But don’t take down the Tigers season with a mid-season rendezvous with some Russian dancer.

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