Instagram Bikini Model Of The Day: Joy Corrigan




Meet Instagram Bikini Model Joy Corrigan. We finally found an American bikini model that’s not from Southern California or Miami. Joy hails from Raleigh, North Carolina. However, she is now based out of Miami. That’s almost understood in the fashion/bikini industry.

Joy has been popping up here and there in 2014, but these new photos from Summerlove Swimwear put her on our radar. With just over 30,000 Insty followers, Joy is still relatively an unknown to the mainstream blogosphere who keep track of hot chicks in bikinis. That’s going to change. Joy has been working with Charlotte McKinney. You might remember McKinney from back in May when we suggested Johnny Manziel should bring her to the NFL Draft.  A Corrigan-McKinney friendship through the summer could mean big things for both on Instagram. You start dropping multiple bikini photos and shit could get nuts.

At 26, now is the time for Corrigan to make a huge move. Maybe you suddenly start dating Tebow or an NBA shooting guard.

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