Johnny Manziel Should Bring Model Charlotte McKinney To The NFL Draft


And we are now five days out from the NFL Draft. Johnny Manziel will be arriving in New York before Thursday’s extravaganza for the requisite photoshoots with ESPN and the NFL Network. The draft picks will do their normal press junkets and be presented to the people of New York via a variety of events. Time is running out for Johnny Manziel to pick his green room date.

We’ve presented him with numerous options; hot chicks with huge boobs, a Russian bikini model, Browns WR Greg Little’s ex-girlfriend, an Instagram ass model, etc.

It’s time to choose which chick will be famous after Thursday night.

Johnny #1 Overall Should Bring ___________ To The NFL Draft

• Charlotte McKinney

• 20

• Rising Insty Superstar – @CharlotteMcKinney

• 32-24-34

• Has a hint of Kate Upton going on


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