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Asian Bat Flipper Rips Massive Flip With His Team Up 19-1



That’s Choi Jun-seok from the Lotte Giants in the Korea Baseball Organization with a massive bat flip last night in a game against the Doosan Bears. You can see the scoreboard. Lotte was leading 19-1. Top of the 8th. Solo shot — massive bat flip.

You know the deal: Asian Bat Flippers flip no matter what’s going on in the game. Earlier this week I showed you the Bat Flipper who launched with his team down 18-0. Doesn’t matter…you flip the bat on a jack.

If the name Choi Jun-seok rings a bell, he’s the dude who went HUGE bat flip on a foul ball that went nuts on YouTube. This guy is a bat flipping legend.

[via @MyKBO]

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