Bryce Harper Is Engaged To Kayla Varner



D.C. media is going absolutely nuts this morning over news that Bryce Harper is finally engaged to that girlfriend, Kayla Varner, we first told you about a couple years ago. Wedding photographer Mollie Jane let the cat out of the bag by posting the engagement photos she took, posted to a blog she has since deleted. However, through the greatness of Google Cache, you can still see the photos here.

Varner, who was playing soccer for BYU when she burst onto the Internet scene, is now playing for Ohio State. She’s been silent on Twitter about the engagement.

As for the money empire Varner is marrying into, Harper is only making $2.15 million this year and is scheduled to make $2.25 million in 2015. Bryce’s agent is Scott Boras so expect Varner to hit the motherlode very, very soon.