Ex-Stripper Wants Paul George To Pay For His Baby Girl

I’m just getting caught up on this news that Paul George was slapped with a paternity suit by his baby mama Daniela Rajic, a former Miami stripper who says Paul should be paying for his four-week-old baby girl. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times to these NBA jerkoffs: Jimmy up with these strippers. One minute you’re rich, the next minute you’re splitting your paycheck with some stripper you’ll be connected to for 18 years.
This Rajic chick picked the perfect time to drop her suit. Paul is in the middle of this sorta important series with the Heat. According to the NY Daily News:

George had not seen the complaint as of Thursday evening, but the 24-year-old is not denying that he is the father of the 4-week-old girl named Olivia, according to a source close to the All-Star.
“Congratulations for doing a good job (Wednesday) night,” said Daniela Rajic’s lawyer, Raoul Felder. “Hopefully, he steps up here as well.”
Rajic’s Manhattan Supreme Court filing seeks a court-ordered DNA test and legal declaration that George is the dad. A private paternity test has already affirmed that result, according to sources, and George has voluntarily paid for Rajic’s medical bills, among other things. He has already met the baby, according to Felder.

A rumor that George offered her $1 million to get an abortion is being denied by his reps. He’s working on a five-year, $90 million contract. This has to be one of the biggest mistakes these athletes make with their money. They walk into Tootsie’s and think that love is going to appear on a stripper pole.
In case you care, Rajic has locked her Insty account.

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