Instagram Bikini Model of the Day: Daniella Grace

All you really need to know about Instagram Bikini Model of the Day Daniella Grace is that she is part of the Tasha Oakley-Devin Brugman friendship circle. That speaks for itself. Instant credibility in the Insty bikini game. Instantly known as a hot chick because other hot bikini chicks don’t want ugly chicks in their bikini photos. This is totally different from hot chicks who’ll take an ugly chick with them to the clubs. That’s an old hot chick move. Two 9s take a 6.5 to the club to make them look like 10s.
The Insty bikini game is different. You need a Daniella Grace in your crew to keep things fresh. And this chick (@DaniellaGrace) surfs, giving Oakley and Brugman another element to their growing bikini regime.
According to Daniella’s bio:

Model, Blogger and Actress; Daniella Grace got her start as a model at a young age. She began traveling and exploring the vast regions of the world, and eventually found herself settling in Los Angeles pursuing a career as an actress. Daniella recently landed her first major role in the feature film “Sand Castles”, due out in the 2014 festival circuit.

Blogger? Bet she doesn’t know we’re hiring a Cleveland blogger. Maybe we could have her model on the beaches of Lake Erie.
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