Instagram Bikini Model of the Day: Debbie St. Pierre

Now I forget how Instagram Bikini Model Debbie St. Pierre showed up on the BC radar. It might’ve been via Snoop Dogg autographing her ass. Or via some swimsuit company. It doesn’t really matter. We’re talking about a rising star in St. Pierre. She’s only at 6,700 IG followers, so she’s ripe for stardom over the summer.
Also of note, Kate Upton follows St. Pierre on Twitter (@DebbieStPierre). Debbie is also friends with Frank Viola Jr., who is friends with Justin Verlander, who dates Upton. That should mean something right there. We’re talking about a pretty important model in St. Pierre. She’s one Kate Upton RT away from 30k IG followers. Fair warning.
Debbie is also known for doing a bikini shoot to win a Blackberry 10.┬áIt’s inexcusable that this chick only has 6,700 Insty followers. She’s so full of adventure.
[Follow Debbie St. Pierre – Instagram]

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