2014 World Cup: Hottest Fans of Group D


Italy 2


The one group that isn’t getting as much attention as it should is Group D with three of the teams ranking in the top 11 in FIFA’s World Ranking system.

Urg…Urag..Uraguay? I does no one know how to spell this word? Does it have something to do with the use of vowels? Uruguay is how you are supposed to spell it for those of you playing along at home.

Italy and Uruguay are two of the best teams in the world. Period. England is almost there and is ranked 11 in the world. So why isn’t this the one group that should probably scare off the media? No, we don’t have an answer.

This group should be ranked as one of, if not the, scariest.

Without further ado, and without boring you with the facts, we will get down to it and take a peak at the ladies behind this group, the sexy female fans.

Group D: Italy, Uruguay, England and Costa Rica

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