Semi-Shirtless Nick Saban About To Shred Wake On His Jet Ski




This should send the men and women of Bama into a complete meltdown. It’s extremely rare to see Saban remotely close to being shirtless so this photo should get passed around on the message boards.

Men: “Ripped! Love his jet ski. Gotta get a tan like that.”

Women: “So sexy. LOL…I love him even more than after the 2013 BCS title.”

The last time I saw Saban at his Lake Burton mansion, he was sweeping his dock. It’s good for this guy to get out and shred a little bit. Enjoy the holiday weekend a little bit. Enjoy the spoils of being the President of Alabama.

Looks like Saban in the red

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.10.41 AM


Go nuts, Bama fans.



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