Nick Saban Busting Ass Sweeping His Lake House Dock – #RollTide

Nick Saban never stops.

Never stops winning SEC titles. Never stops recruiting NFL talent. Never stops winning BCS trophies. Never stops being the greatest football coach of the modern era.

You really think he’s going to sit on his Lake Burton (Georgia) dock (this is his other lake house – not the one being auctioned) and watch the waves lap against the rocks of his multi-million dollar property?

Nope, he’s at work. The guy sweeps while his wife lounges (via @CodyMangrum). The guy sweeps while his dog lives the life of college football luxury. Nick Saban is obviously never satisfied.

You think Bret Bielema is sweeping around his pool? No. His face is buried in a pile of BBQ ribs and is slamming celery and blue cheese between bites of his baby backs.

The photographer reports:

As if.

At 61, there is no time for Nick Saban to rest. There’s someone out to take his SEC titles and BCS trophies.

#Grind  #RollTide

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