John Football W/Pauly D, Black Bike Week & Brugman/Oakley Bikinis In Bali


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How is your tired ass liking this return to work? Miserable this morning? Of course you are. You’re still hungover from Saturday. You’re burnt to a crisp. You’ve only slept 10 hours in four days. You hammered 63 cans of beer in 3.5 days.

Enjoy sitting at that desk job today.

In NBA news… from @ESPNStatsInfo

Teams up 3-1 in an NBA best-of-7 playoff series win that series 96% of the time

In other words, the Pacers are officially on vacation. No way do they want to win Wednesday and have to go back to Miami to get embarrassed. You want to know the difference between the Michael Jordan era and the LeBron era? Jordan actually had to go through good teams to win titles. Indiana is garbage. They’re soft. They play scared.

Better team: 1993 Knicks or the 2014 Pacers? It’s not even close.

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