Roll Tide MDW Bikini, Matt Stafford’s MDW & MDW Bikini Roundup


morning twitpics


I’m a little late with Morning Screencaps because I did the Memorial Day breakfast/parade thing that turned into a nice Memorial Day afternoon nap, that turned into a nice Memorial Day walk at the park, which turned into pool time. Hope you guys will understand that I needed a 24-hour break from Internet stupidity. My brain was kinda fried.

To be honest, I’m kinda burnt out of nice weather. Three straight days of 80 in Ohio is enough to break a man. I can only drink so much before I have to get back on BC and see what you idiots are up to over the holiday.

I missed all of you sending me screencaps of baseball games you’re watching from a couch on a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.

From @ESPNStatsInfo:

Ray Allen needs just 1 point to pass Bill Russell for 30th on the all-time NBA playoff scoring list.

Maybe they’ll stop the game tonight when this happens. I’ve been telling you guys that Ray Ray is a better playoff player than Bill. Can’t say it enough. Russell wasn’t that good. Overrated.

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