Gronk Pulls An Old Bro Beer Move On Vegas Bikini Chick




I could literally post 15 things a day when it comes to Gronk and Johnny Manziel Vegas antics. Take this case of a bikini chick thinking she was going to enjoy a cold beer on a disgustingly hot (dry heat) Vegas day. No you’re not. Gronk will take your beer and pound it because he’s a professional bro who knows he has to keep himself hydrated in Vegas.

It’s amusing that Katie doesn’t even know that she’s been bro’d by the biggest tight end bro in NFL history. Has no clue. This is probably one of the greatest events that’ll happen in Katie’s life. Gronk just verified her as a hot chick by taking her beer. He could’ve grabbed thousands of beers from all sorts of bikini chicks at this Wet Republic pool party, but he picked you.

Katie has no idea how bad jealous New England jersey chasers hate her right now.

So you want more Gronk and Manziel? Can’t get enough? Here we go.

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