Meet Anna De Ferran, Girlfriend of Indy 500 Driver Sage Karam




I’m telling you right now that Sage Karam is about to become the Johnny Manziel of the Indy 500. He’s 19, just made it to the finals of the Cab Day pit stop competition, has a dime girlfriend named Anna de Ferran (her dad is Gil, the former Indy driver) and the guy is just enjoying life right now as a rookie who is about to make his first Indy start.

Anna (@AnnadeFerran; Anna – Instagram) is trying to make it as a pop singer. She’s also tagging along on the Indy circuit so she has access to hang out with Karam on a regular basis. The two are about to become the most recognizable American couple in Indy racing because there isn’t another recognizable couple in Indy Racing.

According to Anna’s bio:

Anna de Ferran was born in London and raised in America by her British mum and Brazilian dad. As such, she has always maintained a healthy amount of cultural schizophrenia: a love of blue jeans and Einstein bagels, Burberry raincoats and crumpets, Brazilian bikinis and homemade brigadeiros.

If Indy Racing knows what it’s doing, these two will be stars by the end of the weekend.



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