Indy 500 Teen Rookie Driver Bro Sage Karam Goes Money Manziel


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I’d never heard of this Indy Racing bro Sage Karam until 10 minutes ago when he went Money Manziel during a Carb Day interview on NBCSN. Sage got out of his car after winning a quarterfinal pit battle and went Cam Newton Superman. That led to what you see above.

This might be my new favorite racing bro. Just listen to him.

Oh, and then there is this from Thursday night at Indy:

The Indy 500 rookie attended prom with his girlfriend, Anna de Ferran, though the locale was a bit of a switch from a high school gym or hotel ballroom: The couple danced away to John Legend’s “All of Me” at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“It was the first time I ever slow danced,” Karam said. “It was kind of weird because there were news stations there videotaping me and stuff. But I think I killed it.”


I have my eyes on you, kid. He’s starting 31st on Sunday.

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