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It’s Like Hannah Davis Is Trying To Make Jeter Go 1-7 In 13 Inning Game


You know what’s great about this Derek Jeter farewell tour? He gets to bring his girlfriend, Hannah Davis, along for the ride and have her sit in the front row — wearing this.


Shoulders for days. Tanned like she’s been holed up in St. Lucia since October. And then she magically shows up at Wrigley on a sunny May day wearing this. You know what makes Jeter a Hall of Famer? He’s able to make it through a 13 inning game without bailing on Girardi and grabbing dinner with┬áDavis while she’s wearing that.

He went 1-7 in Wednesday’s 13 inning marathon (now hitting .267).

She might need to tone down the shoulder so Jetes can concentrate on this farewell tour.


Hannah-Davis-Wrigley-2 Hannah-Davis-Wrigley-3

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