Interview: Singer Erin Alvey O'Sullivan On How She Got Chipper Jones To Make Video

Years ago, Erin Alvey O’Sullivan’s date surprised her with a trip to Atlanta’s Turner Field for a baseball game, and she fell in love. Just not with him.
“I fell in love with the Braves, not the guy,” O’Sullivan (@ErinAlveyOSully), 20, said Wednesday from Atlanta, where she expects to attend several Braves’ games over the next few days.
“I wasn’t a die-hard fan before that, but the atmosphere and the fans in Turner Field doing the ‘Tomahawk Chop’ were amazing.”
The aspiring country singer’s Braves’ fandom served as inspiration for “Tomahawk Love,” the first song from her soon-to-be-released self-titled EP recorded in Nashville. (BC first told you about it in March.)
Her father suggested she get a Braves player to appear in the video.
“My dad said: ‘Who is the most well known Braves player?’ and I said: ‘Chipper Jones,’ so he said ‘Then get Chipper Jones,'” O’Sullivan recalled.
“I said: ‘Dad, you just don’t call Chipper Jones and get him to appear in a music video.’ Sure enough, we got Chipper to be in the video,” O’Sullivan said, noting that some of the footage used was shot in Jones’ house and uses priceless memorabilia from his career.
Brooks Forester of ABC’s The Bachelorette also starred in the video (above), which will be officially released during O’Sullivan’s live show at the Southern Club in Atlanta’s Buckhead district on Saturday, May 24.
The Georgia native talked to us about working with Chipper, flirty baseball players and how one player helped her sing the national anthem.

You mentioned the atmosphere at Turner Field. Atlanta sometimes catches flack for not selling out playoff games. Do the fans get a bad rap?

“I’m biased, but I think Braves’ fans are the best. They have a big fan base that covers a wide area. Florida has major league teams, but the Carolinas, Tennessee and Alabama don’t. A lot of Braves’ fans come from those places.”

How did you get Chipper to be in the video? What was it like working with him?

“We contacted his management after my dad and I talked about it. He couldn’t have been any more accommodating and humble, especially for a legend. I can’t say enough good things about him. He was cool enough to make this girl’s dream come true….The newspaper (of the Braves’ World Series win in 1995) he’s holding in the video is his. That was his idea!”

Have any baseball players/fans ever flirted with you at the games? How did you respond?

“(Laughs) Yeah. Here and there. Some through Twitter. I’m flattered by it…Once at a minor league game, one of the players threw a ball to me with his number on it, but a little boy caught it. The player yelled to the kid that the ball was for me. I just took his number and gave the ball back to the kid.”

So, somewhere a kid has a souvenir with a minor leaguer’s number on it. Nice. Did you connect with that guy?

“No, I never used the number. (laughs)”

You have sung the National Anthem at baseball games before. Have you ever flubbed it, or been nervous that you’ll flub it?

“No, but I sang it a few times for the Salt Lake Bees; they’re the Triple-A team of the Angels. They asked me back to sing it a week later for the playoffs. I didn’t know the game was going to be televised, though. When I found out, I started to get nervous about messing up and I forgot the first line of the song while I was waiting for the game to start.”
“Just before it was time for me to sing, I went over to one of the players and apologized and asked him: ‘Excuse me, but what’s the first line of the song?’ He just looked at me like I was crazy and told me. I was OK after that.”

See more of Erin Alvey O’Sullivan at her website. Her song “Tomahawk Love” is available on iTunes.

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