Ryan Tannehill Is Ripped Like Brett Favre



What the hell is going on with Ryan Tannehill? It looks like he’s intentionally trying to look like Grizzly Brett Favre with the crazy bicep veins popping out. Tell me he’s not about to rip off three sets of 80 pound curls. TELL ME.

Maybe someone within the Dolphins organization told Tannehill that ripped QBs will be the future of the league. You saw what ripped Russ Wilson did in the Super Bowl. You see what Kaepernick looks like. You see what Peyton …. wait, he is dumpy without a shirt.

You know who I never see with crazy veins popping? Roethlisberger and Tom Brady. Never. Remember back in February when we saw Sloppy Ben at Quaker Steak & Lube?

You start looking at the quarterbacks who’ve won titles over the last seven years, popping veins isn’t a major theme.







Will being ripped help Tannehill win in Foxboro in December? I doubt it. Is his wife proud that he has veins for her to Instagram? Of course. Sometimes that’s all that matters in life.



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