BC Special Report: Cleveland Bars Racing To Release Johnny Manziel Beer



Zach Freshwater wanted the Johnny Manziel/Cleveland blogging gig. He’s based in downtown Cleveland so we figured he was worth a shot. His first job was to scour Cleveland to get a feel for Johnny Mania, with a focus on what is happening on the bar scene. This is his first dispatch from downtown.


I have been alive for roughly 28 years. Since 1985, the Cleveland Browns have 165 wins, 249 loses, 7 winning seasons and 6 playoff appearances. I remember 2 winning seasons and 1 playoff appearance. To say this town is desperate for a winner, is a god damn understatement.

To get a better feel for the excitement our latest savior is bringing to the city, I decided to hit the bars and restaurants on West 25th to get a better feel for the economic impact “Manziel Mania” is bringing to town. Call it a Johnny Beer Crawl.

First stop:

Market Garden – This was the one bar that had Johnny written all over it. Not only were there multiple Manziel jersey sightings, but there was word that a Johnny Football craft beer was lurking on the horizon (Bernie has his own).

Bier Market – Where is the Johnny Football fever? Not at this place. We did over hear a lot of people talking about Johnny and the upcoming season.

Town Hall – The bar was packed from wall to wall but no sight of Johnny mania. Not a place Johnny would want to be at since there was absolutely nowhere to move.

XYZ Tavern – Not a bar that Johnny would go to. A weird crowd with a lot of different personalities and 100 beers to choose from. Johnny seems like a Budweiser guy and would not be interested in hanging out with hippies.

Nano Brew – Again, another bar that had a Johnny jersey sighting. When discussing the Cleveland Browns with the bartenders, a Johnny Beer has been in discussion, too, but it’s too early to tell what it entails.


It seems the bar scene is taking things slow with John Football.

There is one thing that you can tell when you start talking to people at the bars about the Browns, and that is, “this is our season.” It has been a common theme for the past 15 years, but those I talked to on the Johnny Crawl seem certain that their savior is here.

Spotted over the weekend:

Tilted-Kilt-Johnny-Manziel  Johnny-Manziel-Furniture