Kate Upton & Justin Verlander Go Behind Green Monster



At this point, Justin Verlander and Kate Upton might as well be married. The guy is pretty much living in a domesticated relationship with Pageviews. They grocery shop together. She is in Detroit when she’s not in Australia or L.A. promoting some stupid movie we’re only watching to see Kate’s boobs bounce around. She goes to Boston Bruins games with JV. He’s now taking her on a tour of Major League Baseball and letting her visit the Green Monster with him.

Marriage material.

JV on IG:

Next time anyone visits inside the #greenmonster see if you can find our signature!

$100 says a Masshole defaces those autographs.

Isn’t this what couples do before they get married, but it’s normally a tree in some state forest?┬áIt’s all over if these two show up on Twitter holding a puppy. That officially means JV’s millions are about to be split, pending a brilliant pre-nup lawyer.