John Rocker Seemed Bored On “John Rocker Night” At AA-Huntsville Game



Joe Student gave the people of Huntsville fair warning that a celebrity was coming to town last night.

It didn’t work.

BC reader @humankeg was in Huntsville Friday night for “John Rocker Night” at the Birmingham Barons vs. Huntsville Stars game and reports “not a big crowd” was there to buy junk from the former Major League bad boy. As you can see from Greg’s photo, John had plenty of time to make calls between autographs. 

John, who’ll turn 40 in October, has been trying to sell his book, “Scars & Stripes,” for the last couple years. He’s also still trying to sell “Speak English” shirts on his website.

I’m actually surprised the line last night in Huntsville wasn’t wrapped through the concourse. These are his people. This is the same Huntsville franchise that, in 2013, planned a “Second Amendment Night,” but eventually cancelled it after MLB stepped in and advised the team it wasn’t the best idea.

But last night was different. It was a chance to get an autograph from a Braves legend and talk baseball. You’d think the locals would love to rub elbows with a guy who, in 1999, had 38 saves and was dominating the game. Maybe, after 15 years since the Sports Illustrated article, the Rocker flame has burned out. He’s now relegated to holding court with a white hair.

Rocker-night-Huntsville Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 8.03.06 AM