The West Houston Twin Peaks Bikini Pageant Seemed To Be Fun

Our Houston-based photographer friend Scott Byrne was at it again. This guy will go out of his way to find ladies doing pretty much anything in that city. He’ll photograph the Texans cheerleaders at a draft party. He’ll shoot photos of the Dynamo Girls (MLS team) dancing during halftime. He’ll even show up to the West Houston Twin Peaks for the 2014 bikini pageant.
Those of you who’ve been around BC since the beginning know that we sorta have a tradition of showing the random bar bikini pageants from around the country.
Scott’s report from Wednesday night’s pageant takes me back to the golden days of BC when Hooters was the leader in breastaurant bikini pageants. There were pageants all across the country introducing us to incredible women with fake boobs. It was an amazing era.
“Twin Peaks has been  overtaking Hooters big time in the South. Hooter’s didn’t have a bikini contest at any of the Houston stores this year; the only 2 contests in the area were 30-40 miles from downtown. TwinPeaks had them at all locations,” Scott reports. He also wanted us to know that # 10 is Jessi Marie, a model. He also says that #17 is Heather Latch, a former Houston Dynamo dancer.
I was told a year or so ago by a Hooters insider that the elimination of the bikini pageants was part of corporate restructuring. This was an actual strategy. Remember the Missouri Hooters car washes? Gone. That’s when I knew things would never be the same for Hooters.
At least Twin Peaks still knows how to put on a show. God bless the Peaks.

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