Greg Hardy's Girlfriend All Smiles On Facebook With Pro Bowler

A shadowy character using a “Greg Hardy” Gmail account contacted me tonight with links to photos of Carolina Panthers Pro Bowler Greg Hardy’s girlfriend, the one who accused the defensive end of assaulting her this week at his residence. Nicki Holder, identified by major media outlets as the girlfriend, told police that Hardy “slammed her into a bathtub and a futon and threw her to the floor.”
From the photos sent to us, it seems Holder has been happy to be around Hardy, especially during a January trip to Hawaii where he was playing in the Pro Bowl.
If she was scared of Hardy, she doesn’t show it on Facebook.
According to WCCB in Charlotte:

The 25-year-old defensive end, his voice distorted under law, can be heard in a more than four-minute 911 call asking for help just after 4:15 AM Tuesday.  Hardy tells the dispatcher that 24-year-old Nicki Holder is attacking Hardy in his Uptown apartment, breaking glass and hitting him in the face with her fists and high heels.    The dispatcher asks if Holder is out of Hardy’s apartment.  Hardy says, “No, she won’t let me close the door and I can’t touch her to get her out. She’s literally kicking and scratching, my manager’s restraining her right now.”  He goes on to say, “I don’t need a medic. She hit me in the face. I’m not bleeding or anything; it’s a little swollen but I’m fine.”   Holder’s attorney Stephen Goodwin says his client is the victim, not Hardy. He says she couldn’t call 911 because she was being held down.  Goodwin says, “My client was not the aggressor, not by a long shot.

Hardy is also heard on the 911 call saying Holder might be on coke.
It appears these two aren’t going to work out. Oh well, it’s probably best for both of them.

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