Instagram Superstar Bryana Holly Sliding Into DSTLD Denim

The fine folks at DSTLD Premium Denim sent word today that they recently wrapped a shoot with Instagram superstar Bryana Holly and their jeans. They wanted to know if BC would be interested in posting the photos of Bryana trying on their jeans. 
And then I saw a teaser photo of Bryana barely clothed, going hairbra and trying to slide on the jeans.
I couldn’t send a “Yes, please send more photos” email fast enough.
This is a genius marketing move. You have a well-known Insty model do a photoshoot in your jeans, you gather 40 or so insane photos that will drive men nuts and then you send those photos to a bunch of blogs that can’t resist posting such internet gold.
According to the DSTLD press release:

The visuals serve as an alluring photo campaign for DSTLD’s at-home fitting program, which allows clients to choose and audition up to three pairs of jeans over 10 days in the comfort of their own home, completely complimentary. Bozorgi captures Holly in an ultra sexy light as she temptingly dresses and undresses herself in a pair of DSTLD’s low-rise skinnies, showing us just how much more fun trying on denim at home can be.

Sold. I’m buying Mrs. Busted a couple pairs.
All photos via DSTLD and photographer Neave Bozorgi

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