Drunk Twins Lady Gives Little Girl Middle Finger For Not Throwing Back HR Ball

Drunk lady: “Throw it back.”
Little girl: “No.”
Drunk lady: “Fuck you.”
I can read lips.
It appears we have a new fanbase to bash for being drunk idiots. Good work, Drunk Twins Lady. You just put your fans on the map for giving a little girl the finger for not throwing back a David Ortiz home run ball during Wednesday’s game. I understand that you were drunk and didn’t really mean it.
But we bash the shit out of Phillies fans, Red Sox fans, Cleveland fans, etc. for doing dumb shit when they’re drunk. You’ve joined the list.
This is actually worse than Eagles fans booing Santa. That little girl would obviously feel threatened by a grown lady being offensive. Eagles fans weren’t right in Santa’s face like this broad.
What has become of society when grown women are giving little girls the finger?
It’s a sad day.
[HT: Sean C.]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdjK_aTtuSU]

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