Texas Rangers Fan Drops $200 For Wedding Proposal Package


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Here we go again with a staged marriage proposal at a baseball game. I keep posting these because women go absolutely nuts on Twitter saying how tacky it is to see a guy propose at a sporting event.

Here we have Chez & Dee getting engaged at Friday’s Rangers game. It’s your typical proposal. Chez contacted the team, the mascot plays a part and the dude gets on a knee. Romantic, right?

As a guy, I don’t have a problem with it. Maybe she’s a huge Rangers fan and always thought getting engaged in the upper deck would be a special memory. Chez didn’t even splurge on lower box seats. He seems to be frugal – a good sign for the marriage.

Are you thinking of proposing at a game? Buzzfeed recently published a handy flow chart that will determine whether it’s a good idea.

Alright, you’ve determined that it’s cool that you propose at the park. Do you want an official package from the team or are you just going to do it on the fly? Swimmingly has a price breakdown for what teams charge for a proposal package. The cost of the Texas proposal you see above is $200.

Of course the Baltimore Orioles don’t offer proposal packages. That shouldn’t surprise you. Peter Angelos is always a step behind the smart people in baseball.

Advice: Go to a Tigers game, get the $50 package and “Paws, the team’s mascot, conducts a “trivia contest” at the couple’s seats that ends in a surprise proposal. Includes baseball decorated with message and date.”

That’s only four beers (with tip).

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