Watch The Red Sox Ride A Roller Coaster At Mall Of America [VIDEO]

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The Boston Red Sox had a day off in Minnesota on Monday; they begin a three-game series with the Twins on Tuesday. Looks like some of the Sox headed to the Mall of America — and hopped on what looks to be the SpongeBob Rock Bottom Plunge roller coaster (above).
This is the MLB life led by the “Band of Bearded Brothers?” AYFKM!?! Do the strip bars open late in Minnesota or something? No way Napoli and Gomes were on that coaster.
Anyway, according to Will Middlebrooks’ Instagram, he and Dustin Pedroia were among the BoSox riding the coaster. That could have made for a tense moment, per the coaster rules:

Height Requirement: 48″

Whew, close call for Pedey. There was also Skee-Ball. Looks like Middlebrooks dominated.
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The Sox are 19-18, two games behind the Orioles in the American League East.

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