101-Year-Old Grandma Throws A Better First Pitch Than Baba Booey




Kudos to Kitty Cohen for showing off her arm this weekend at a Blue Jays game.

This is a reminder to all those out there that a 101-year-old lady can get one across the plate while Baba Booey threw one into a dugout. True, she didn’t have the guts to take the mound, but that underhand toss could’ve turned into a disaster.

According to Cut Four, Kitty is now the oldest person in Canadian history to throw out a first pitch at a Blue Jays game.

And it gets better.

According to the Toronto Sun:

She practiced throwing the baseball for a month and was crestfallen to discover she wasn’t allowed to run the bases first. However, she did get a kiss from catcher Josh Thole and high fives from the groundskeeping staff after she lobbed a perfectly respectable throw.

Jersey chasing at 101. Love it.

See ladies, life isn’t over at 35 when you get stuck at the 50k follower mark on Instagram.



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