Taylor Lewan's Mom, Kid In Tebow Jets Jersey & Louis Nix – 300 lb. DB

So yesterday was interesting. We decided that it was time to add a new blogger to Busted after the Cleveland Browns selected Johnny. The blogger’s new job will consist of everything Cleveland sports with a focus on Mr. Football. If Johnny takes a dump at a Berea Burger King, we want to know about it.
Some of you were concerned that we would turn the position into something like what ESPN has done with beat reporters covering the Heat. That’s not the goal here at all. You know that’s not the kind of bullshit BC pulls. I don’t give two shits about on-field performance. You guys are smart enough to know that. We want the dirt. We want the fun. We want to hear about the benders Johnny goes on in the re-revitalized Flats.
There’s still time to apply.
Speaking of the Browns, congrats to Josh Gordon for not being able to stay off the weed. Nothing like fucking over Johnny to get high. Asshole.
For those of you infatuated with Taylor Lewan’s mom, who shined Thursday night, her name is Kelly Riley. No word if she’s single.

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