We're Hiring A Cleveland/Johnny Manziel Blogger

The fans of Cleveland have spoken. You hate me. You call me a troll. You think I’m too negative towards Cleveland. I’m not from Cleveland. Etc.
So I talked to my bosses at Coed and the decision has been made to hire an official Cleveland/Johnny Manziel beat blogger. What does that mean?
Job: Blogging Cleveland sports; tell the internet when Johnny Manziel takes a dump. If Johnny is crushing champagne at a downtown club, we want to know about it. If Kyrie Irving is hammering a Chipotle burrito with Terry Francona, we want to hear about it. Posts will be in BC style with your distinct Cleveland voice.
You will look for guys like this hanging out at Browns training camp.

Experience: I don’t really give a shit if you’ve worked at a newspaper, magazine, BuzzFeed, etc. We’re looking for a distinct writing voice. Some experience using WordPress would be helpful since I don’t really want to train you.
Do I need to live in Cleveland? It would help because you probably want to live the Cleveland fan life, right? I need you in Cleveland bars hunting down stories and leads. I need you at Cleveland tailgates getting trashed. I need you walking around town to get perspective on Cleveland sports.
Will BC pay for relocation? No.
What do you mean by BC style? Take a look around the site. That’s BC style.
You will take photos like this at Browns training camp.

Are there perks? Absolutely. I’ll send your ass so much booze you’ll tell me to stop sending it. There might be a party or two.
Will I get media passes? No. You’ll be in the Muni Lot working on stories, taking photos of Cleveland 8s on your iPhone and drinking.
Will I meet Johnny Cleveland? You’ll more than likely run into him at some point. Don’t think we’ll be setting up interviews with JFF. Not happening.
Will I meet hot girls? Probably not.
Will I get paid? Yes you will. Everyone working on Busted gets paid. We will talk money.
How do I apply?
Don’t try to blow me away with an amazing resume. I don’t really give a shit what college you went to. Tell me how good you are at writing good copy.
[email protected]

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