Manziel Draft Party Arm Candy, NHL Ice Pops & Ratajkowski Resurfaces

Feel like wasting more of your life watching NFL draft coverage? ESPN and NFL Network have you covered today starting at noon. Then, at 7 EST, you can waste more of your life watching a NASCAR race on Fox. Enjoy your Saturday.
Manziel’s draft party arm candy
Scout Willis needs to put away those NSFW nips
Eat NHL ice pops (from the actual ice) during playoffs
Ref throws choke on punk who wouldn’t stop punching
My favorite Eagles fan of the week
SI models getting body painted
Emily Ratajkowski resurfaces in red
Leanna Decker & Jesse Jane hit the beach – together

Arena Football Touchdown Catch of the Week


Sandwich Porn of the Day

Taylor Lewan's Mom, Kid In Tebow Jets Jersey & Louis Nix – 300 lb. DB
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