Shakira In F-Me Boots, Manziel/Saban Hug & Sammy Watkins Draft Selfie Fail


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I’ll probably just sleep tonight. After four hours of drinking my ass off during the first round, I’m pretty much worthless today. No draft for me. I could care less at this point. There are plenty of other sites out there who will dork out on Aaron Murray going to the Titans or McCarron going to the Texans. Not me. My ass needs a couple of extra hours.

• Shakira in F-me boots for you freaks

Don Sterling said racist shit to get laid? Bullshit.

Manziel/Saban sorta hug it out at draft

Bar charged $_ _ to watch draft with Riley Cooper

GIF: Canadiens fan middle fingering Milan Lucic

LOLOLOL: Sammy Watkins’ selfie fail with Goodell

Pregnant Stacy Keibler leg show

Selena Gomez walking around in this

Browns Double Middle Finger Video of the Day


Sandwich Porn of the Day

Picture 1

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