Johnny Manziel’s Mom, Lindsey Duke All Smiles & Sox/Cubs Marriage Proposal

Hardly anyone noticed since the draft was on


What did we learn last night?

The Browns will have the highest ratings in the history of 1 p.m. kickoffs and Browns fans are about to go nuts creating modified Tim Couch jerseys.

The Browns will play 14 1 p.m. games this season, one 4:25 kickoff and a Thursday night game at Cincinnati. 1 p.m. ratings gold.

You know who has to be pissed off this morning? Vikings fan.

From @ESPNStatsInfo:

The Vikings will play their home games outdoors the next 2 seasons. Bridgewater has never started a game in freezing temperatures.

If Bridgewater can’t throw in a pro day, there’s a good chance he’s not going to throw very well in two months of shitty Minnesota weather. Oh, and then he gets to go on the road to Green Bay and Chicago. Pray for Teddy.

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