Sarah Hinton, Garrett Celek’s Fiancee, Sent A Nice Wedding Gift Thank You



You might remember that I sent Sarah Hinton and Garrett Celek a nice wedding gift back in February consisting of two cookware pasties.  To be honest, I had to stop and think who these two were when I looked at the front of the postcard. I’ve sent out so many wedding gifts over the last six months that I’ve lost track.

Sarah became famous on Busted as the NFL girlfriend (Celek plays TE for the 49ers) who also doubled as a Hooters bikini model. The couple both went to Michigan State where Sarah started her Hooters career. She eventually transferred to a Bay Area Hooters to keep slinging wings.

That’s the thing about dating an undrafted free agent like Garrett (Brent’s brother). Your boyfriend didn’t hit the lottery. This isn’t like baseball where a middle reliever has f-you money to throw around. Sarah had to work so she went to Hooters.

Anyway, the two are now locking up the relationship with July 12 vows. Can’t really blame Garrett here. You lock down the Hooters model who’s been with you through good and bad. You don’t start throwing 10s back into the pond.