Time To Buy Something Off Garrett Celek & Sarah Hinton’s Wedding Registry



We told you in December that 49ers tight end Garrett Celek and his Hooters model girlfriend Sarah Hinton were engaged. Now comes word from BC tipsters that the the Celek-Hinton wedding registry has hit the Internet.

You know the deal: BC buys a wedding gift for athletes and their brides because we’re nice and think that giving back to these guys after all the shit we give them is only fair.

Normally I’m all over the gift buying. Something sticks out right away (egg timer for Bret Bielema – never got a thank you note). But I’m having trouble with the Celek-Hinton. Do I go oven mitt because it’s cheap? The shipping of an oven mitt is more than the friggin’ mitt. Kinda don’t like that deal.

So I went with these cookware guards that look like pasties. Seemed like the perfect choice.

Picture 2

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