Clippers Boob Adjuster Rebecca Grant Doing Media Rounds

Our old friend Rebecca Grant, now known as the Clippers Boob Adjuster, started a media blitz today on the well-respected Fox News show Fox 411 where she talked about adjusting her boobs, how she wants Twitter to verify her and that she now has over 80.000 Twitter followers.
Oh, and she says that Access Hollywood was outside her door this morning. You can watch the full interview here.
As I’ve said time and time again, there is always a woman or women that steal the spotlight during the playoffs because the internet needs storylines. These seven game series are completely boring and you need diversions. Grant is the diversion in the Clippers-OKC series. Say I’m watching the Pacers-Wizards series. A fight in the stands might be a fun diversion. Miami might have porn stars. San Antonio has Michelle Beadle’s dad. I might get photos sent to me of a guy slamming a dish of Whole Foods’ couscous at the Trail Blazers game. That might turn into a storyline.
Rebecca (@rebeccagrants) is now a storyline because she plans to be at Friday’s game, just four seats from the boob adjustment location. You’ve been warned.

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