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Lindsey Duke Is On Her Way To NYC For NFL Draft



It’s about to happen. Lindsey Duke, also known as Blake Bortles’ girlfriend, is about to destroy the NFL Draft. Duke has done a good job flying under the radar as her meal ticket prepared for the draft. She could’ve gone off the rails and done all sorts of crazy stuff via Twitter and Instagram. She didn’t.

That’s the sign of a great girlfriend.

Picture 1


Think about this. When I first came across Lindsey (@liindseyduke) in 2012 she was just some random hot college chick living the life. Not much money. Not many cares in the world. Trips to the beach. Fun at bars. A normal life.

Why can’t Thursday come soon enough? Life officially changes. She’s going to be the girlfriend of a rich NFL quarterback and the sports world will erupt when ESPN cameras show her in the green room.

Dreams still come true.

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