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Rebecca Grant Was Boob Grabber At Clippers-Warriors Game


Our friend Rebecca Grant put on a show Saturday night during the Clippers-Warriors Game 7 that has turned the internet into a frenzy. Rebecca goes and boob adjusts while Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller do a live shot on TNT. She’s perfectly situated to stroke her boobs with nothing to block the view.


@rebeccagrants, playing it off, seems to be saying this is all a conspiracy.

Picture 2


Picture 3

Picture 1


She thinks live TV photoshopped her stroking her rack. Embrace it. You grabbed your rack.

I have a couple DM’s into Rebecca to get to the bottom of this controversy. Was she planning this all along? Was she paid to go stroke-ville while TNT tried to show Reg & Harlan?

One way or the other, it’s not a big deal. This stuff happens every year. We just like to congratulate the woman who pulls it off.

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