Ladies of The NFL Draft: Marissa Powell, Girlfriend Of Kyle Van Noy




BYU linebacker Kyle Van Noy is expected to be drafted in the early rounds of the NFL Draft. You might remember that we told you in December that he’s also preparing to marry 2013 Miss Utah Marissa Powell. The couple is getting married in June.

You might remember Marissa as the Miss Utah who wants to “create education better.”

The couple sat down with Utah’s powerhouse newspaper, the Deseret News, to share what they’re feeling as Kyle prepares to get paid.

“It’s kind of cool because I met Kyle before all the crazy stardom with his football stuff and we met before all the pageant stuff was going on,” Powell said. “We’ve been able to grow with each other and we’ve known each other for so long that it’s nice to have someone to have your back and has known you all along that can speak up for you and remember who you are. It’s definitely been a learning process for us, learning about each other and learning about ourselves and what we want.”

Kyle added:

“Marrying my best friend is going to be a good experience. I’m happy that she said yes. She still loves me, so we’re doing good.”

It’s always a good thing when your fiancee still loves you a month out from the wedding.

Just think of all the things racing through this guy’s head. He’ll be going to work in the NFL and losing his virginity all within a month or so. That’s major pressure. You think covering Jimmy Graham is a big deal, try losing your virginity to Miss Utah on your wedding night. MAJOR.

I assume these two are virgins. That’s how the Mormons roll, right?

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