Johnny Manziel Should Bring Bikini Model Samantha Hoopes to the NFL Draft


Johnny Manziel Should Bring IG Superstar Samantha Hoopes To NFL Draft3


The end is near for this post series we’ve been pounding out for the last two weeks. For some strange reason Samantha Hoopes is the first SI model that Jonny Manziel Should Bring to the NFL Draft. I’m not sure how this happened, but it did, and we’re correcting this oversight right now.

Hoopes is the perfect green room material for Manziel. She’s been around a few cameras while barely clothed and doesn’t seem like she’d be phased by the New York media.

Johnny Manziel Should Bring __________ to the NFL Draft

• Samantha Hoopes

• 23

Growing Instagram following

• from Doylestown, PA

• Knows how to hold a football – see below

• Follows SportsNation and Reggie Bush

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