Buy This Horrible Johnny Manziel Leaf Sketch Card For $700

I don’t buy baseball or football cards these days because once you get married and start having kids you don’t really have the money to blow on Johnny Manziel autographed sketch cards.
The last time I ventured into the world of sketch cards it was a post on Erin Andrews sketch cards that weren’t even close to looking like the sideline reporter.
Now I’ve stumbled across a Leaf Johnny Manziel sketch card (1/1!….I said ONE OF ONE!….SUPER COLLECTIBLE!) on eBay with a $700 Buy It Now. Yeah, it’s autographed.
According to the seller:

Serial numbered on the back 1/1.
The card was sketched by Rich Molinelli and autographed by JOHNNY MANZIEL.
Pack pulled this morning.

I sent a tweet to Rich to get to the bottom of the sketch card industry. Is he supposed to not make it look like the subject? I’ll let you know what Rich says.


It gets worse. This one is listed for $100.

Maybe you want to blow $35 on this one.

Or this for $225.


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