Leaf Sketch Artist Nailed This Sketch Of Erin Andrews; Buy For $120!




I was doing my normal surfing of eBay looking for deals when I came across this 2013 Leaf Erin Andrews autographed sketch card that caught my attention. I was aware that sketch cards are the new rage, but I didn’t expect to see a sketch of Pageviews.

But there it was. And the artist, Hilary Rodzik (@HilaryJR), absolutely nailed this sketch. So good. The hair is perfect. The chin is angled. The nose. The cheeks. Good stuff.

You can buy this piece of sideline reporting memorabilia for just $120. Be aware that this card was recently sold for $51.




Anyone know of a clearer version of this sketch card? This one is even better.

Erin Andrews Sketch Card

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