Johnny Manziel Should Bring Ass Model Jen Selter To The NFL Draft




What would happen if Johnny Manziel walked into Radio City on May 8 with Instagram ass model superstar Jen Selter? What would happen to his draft value? Would the Texans have no choice but to take Manziel? Would the Cowboys give up three future first rounders to trade up to the #1 pick? Would Twitter exist as we know it after her ass starts exploding from a red dress on the NFL Network?

Would Chris Berman have a heart attack?

We’ve given Johnny plenty of good choices, but this one is a home run. Even if he doesn’t see a future with Selter because he’ll be in Cleveland and she’s based in New York, he has to make this move.

The legend of Johnny Football needs Jen Selter because all good movies need a hot chick with the best ass in Instagram history.

Johnny Should Bring __________To The NFL Draft

• Jen Selter

Superstar Instagram ass model

• Reportedly 20 years old (as of Feb.)

• Originally from Long Island

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