Minnesota Wild Superfan Megan Retzlaff – #BecauseItsTheCup



Still aren’t paying attention to the Minnesota Wild because you don’t really care about hockey and the Stanley Cup? Leave right now. I’m trying to go off the grid here with a team that isn’t going to get on ESPN. I’m trying to give the little guy some play. I’m trying to tell you that there are actual hot chicks who support the Wild.

I told you last night that our longtime friend @MeganRetzlaff, Miss Coed 2013,is a Wild fan that should be on your radar. Most of you were in bed when the 3rd period of Game 7 against the Avalanche started so let me say it again – you need to start paying attention to Megan during this Stanley Cup run.

She’s not one of these jersey-wearing chicks who wears a team jersey and doesn’t actually tweet about the games. She’s actually tweeting out goals and staying awake until the Wild pull out a crazy OT victory.

A rarity in the hot chicks in sports market. You know how most of these chicks roll.

Now the Wild get to play the Blackhawks, Megan’s two favorite teams. You might remember the combo bathroom selfie she posted a few months ago (see below). We’ll do our best to get Megan to send some new selfies for this huge series. Game 1 is Friday at 9:30 on NBCSN.